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Private Taxi Service

Cancun Airport Taxi

Cancun Airport Taxi

The best taxi service from Cancun airport starting from $29.00 USD

Reasons to book your Cancun Airport Taxi:

  • ● Professional and bilingual drivers.
  • ● Reception at the airport
  • ● Air conditioning in all vehicles
  • ● Travel insurance for passengers
  • ● Flight monitoring
  • ● Transportation is available 24 hours a day
  • ● Up to 6 complimentary drinks per service
  • ● 100% private transportation

Cancun Airport Taxi

The safest and reliable Cancun Airport Taxi

Go directly to your hotel in Cancun and the Riviera Maya with the best Cancun Airport Taxi service. With more than 10 years of experience, Cancun Airport Transportation offers comfortable and safe transportation to the main destinations in Quintana Roo.

Get a complete Cancun Airport Taxi service aboard spacious vehicles with no luggage limit and professional and bilingual drivers. We have different categories of services for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you require a one-way cab or a round trip to explore all the tourist attractions.

You can prearrange your Cancun Airport Taxi service to guarantee the lowest rates and enjoy private transportation without unnecessary stops or long waits at the airport. All our services include flight monitoring and airport meet and greet, with no additional charges if your flight is delayed. All our Cancun Airport Taxis are well inspected and insured with recent models of vehicles.

Enjoy the best Cancun private transportation service and explore the city at your own pace. Do not worry, all our vehicles are disinfected before and after each trip to make your travel safer.

Cancun Airport Taxi Services

Standard Private

  • Max. 8 Pax
  • Max. 7 Suitcase

Price per Vehicle

$29.00 USD


Luxury Transportation

  • Max. 5 Pax
  • Max. 5 Suitcase

Price per Vehicle

$68.00 USD


Airport Taxi

  • Max. 3 Pax
  • Max. 3 Suitcase

Price per Vehicle

$30.00 USD

Include up to 6 drinks

Small Group Transportation

  • Max. 14 Pax
  • Max. 14 Suitcase

Price per Vehicle

$125.92 USD


Cancun Airport Taxi Rates

Private Transfers DestinationPrivate Transportation
(from 1 to 8 pax)
Private Transfers
(from 1 to 8 pax)
Luxury Transfers
(from 1 to 5 pax)
Small Groups Transfers
(from 1 to 15 pax)
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Cancun Hotel Zone$ 29.00$ 50.00$ 30.00$ 60.00$ 68.00$ 120.00$ 125.92$ 226.45
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Isla Mujeres$ 29.00$ 58.00$ 40.00$ 80.00$ 69.00$ 139.00$ 170.34$ 340.68
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Playa Mujeres$ 32.33$ 64.66$ 40.00$ 80.00$ 80.00$ 150.00$ 174.64$ 349.29
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Playa Paraiso$ 40.00$ 75.00$ 52.00$ 94.00$ 79.00$ 144.00$ 185.43$ 370.86
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Cozumel$ 50.00$ 100.00$ 55.00$ 110.00$ 94.00$ 170.00$ 185.43$ 371.98
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Playa Del Carmen$ 50.00$ 100.00$ 55.00$ 110.00$ 94.00$ 170.00$ 185.43$ 371.98
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Akumal$ 80.00$ 150.00$ 74.00$ 148.00$ 129.00$ 250.00$ 275.14$ 549.00
Cancun Airport Private Transfers to Holbox$ 119.00$ 238.00N/AN/A$ 239.00$ 479.00$ 677.05$ 1,354.12

Cancun Airport Taxi FAQs

Should you take a taxi in Cancun?

There are different ways to get from Cancun International Airport to the hotel zone, however, the fastest and most comfortable option is a Cancun Airport taxi. With a transfer time of approximately 20 minutes to the hotel zone, the price for a one-way trip is $30.00.

Is it safe to take a taxi from Cancun airport?

The best way to get around and visit the different tourist destinations in Cancun is with a Cancun Airport Taxi. Taxis in Cancun are safe, with a private and direct service that will take you from the airport to your hotel in private vehicles without unnecessary stops along the way.

Can I take a taxi from Cancun airport?

The cabs allowed at the airport are the only ones licensed to operate in that location, but you can still find cabs outside the airport that can pick up passengers in all the locations they belong to in Cancun.

Another cab option is the Cancun Airport Private Taxi service. Unlike other airports, you need to have a taxi reservation to get transportation to your hotel quickly and safely. By booking your Cancun Airport Taxi with us, you avoid last-minute changes in rates and receive confirmation pick-up instructions to meet your driver right at your arrival. We accept different payment methods for your convenience and have service available 24 hours a day.